Version History

Version 1.4.20

Released 12 January 2006. There's a big list of changes for this release (and we've skipped a few version numbers that were used up in beta testing). Thank you to all those who suggested features and helped find and fix bugs.

  • Setting for polling I/O to support phones with broken I/O
  • Keep-alive sending re-added for Blackberry (and other no-io-sync devices)
  • Code tidy and shrinkage, especially in SSH2 code - SSH2 lite version now <64KB
  • Predictive text usage is now a setting
  • Settings renamed and slighly reorganised
  • Fix for BitVise SSH (and maybe others) which sends KEX_INIT immediately after its id string
  • Support for typing control chars and newlines in macros
  • Added settings menu for SSH2 Lite (as a result of size savings elsewhere)
  • Username & Password now optional on sessions and both will be prompted for at connect
  • Added LCD fonts for a larger range of font sizes on non-lite MIDP 2 builds
  • Public key authentication added
  • Special menu refactored
  • Bug fix for Siemens full screen and rotated view (thanks to DarkBear)
  • BB MIDP2 version (OS 4.0)
  • Fixes for BB bad packets (due to noiosync issue)
  • Fix for bad packet type 0 on SSH 1 keep-alive
  • Check for accumulated data waiting to send upon ready to send