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New and improved Blackberry specific build now available

4 March 2010

Marc Paradise is working on a new and improved Blackberry specific version based on MidpSSH.

Visit the site

Development Version 1.7.3 released

14 March 2008

This latest release attempts to address the problems Blackberry users have been having downloading and installing MidpSSH. It fixes a protocol error that caused disconnects connecting to some SSH servers and addresses a security bug in the SSH implementation that could be exploited by remote servers.

I recommend everyone tries the latest development release first. Please post feedback on my blog.

Stable Version 1.6.0 released

27 February 2007

After another year of off-and-on development there is another stable release version. Thank you to everyone that helped test this release. The previous release version, 1.4.20, is still available for download, however please let me know if there are problems with the new stable release.

Version 1.6 includes support for Keyboard Interactive authentication and an HTTP proxy solution for people behind telco firewalls.

You may have noticed that the support forum has disappeared. Unfortunately it became overrun with spammers and I wasn't able to keep on top of it. I'd like to encourage people to contribute to the Documentation Wiki. Especially if your have worked out how to do something in MidpSSH that seemed hard, or had to configure your phone in a special way. Your information could be extremely valuable for other users. Otherwise please contact me and I will do my best to respond.

I am going to start writing about MidpSSH development on my blog so you can also follow the news there. (RSS feed)

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About MidpSSH

MidpSSH is an SSH and Telnet client for MIDP 1.0 / 2.0 (J2ME) devices such as Java(tm)-capable cellphones and other mobile devices. MidpSSH is developed by Karl von Randow and released under the GPL.

MidpSSH is based upon Floyd SSH and Telnet Floyd by Radek Polak, who ported the Java (tm) Telnet/SSH Applet to the MIDP platform. MidpSSH adds a GUI and a number of other features to Floyd SSH, see the Features section below.

Java(tm) Telnet/SSH Applet is by Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meissner It implements SSH1, Telnet and VT320 terminal emulation in Java.

Floyd SSH and Telnet Floyd (and hence MidpSSH) also includes sources from the GNU Classpath project.

MidpSSH 1.2+ includes cryptographic algorithms from The Legion of the Bouncy Castle, modified by Karl von Randow for MIDP. And implementation detail of SSH2 key exchange adapted from Java Secure Channel.


There are various ways in which you can contribute to the MidpSSH project. You can help other users, find bugs and suggest enhancements by joining in discussions in the forums. You can join in the Developers forum, download the source code and implement new features or make enhancements.

You can now also make a donation to the project if you find MidpSSH useful. If you would like to make a donation please click here.

Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.